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  Training Philosophy

National Train Your Dog Month: Bring Out the Best in Your Best Friend!Dogs enrich our lives. A well-behaved dog can be a wonderful member of the family. Paw In Hand Dog Training is committed to humane training for the family companion dog.

There are lots of ways to train dogs and it never ceases to amaze me how tolerant dogs are of our attempts to train them. However, if we are going to build our relationship with our dogs and feel good about the way we train them, our methods must be humane. Positive reinforcement training is the method that makes sense for me. It works, it is simple, and dogs enjoy it.

I believe dogs are a part of our families. That means we include them in our lives and activities. A well-trained dog can participate in our lives and is a joyful companion. A dog that is part of the family offers affection and fun. Over time the bond develops and strengthens so that we can’t imagine our lives without our dogs.

Dog training is a process that we do with our dogs not to our dogs. Both you and your dog will enjoy the reward-based training methods you will learn together. You’ll find your relationship with your dog is enhanced when you apply proven positive reinforcement techniques. I will teach you how to train your dog. Your dog will discover that learning is fun and that the most rewarding time of the day is when you work together.

Training Methods

Barbara Long and her Gordon setter, Selkie
Barbara Long, APDT Outstanding Trainer of the Year (2004)

Learning theory works. The principles of classical and operant conditioning can be applied to dog training to produce a well-behaved dog that enjoys training and obeying.

We will use a conditioned reinforcer to give your dog information and to help him learn. Praise, petting, treats and toys are just some of the rewards that your dog will earn. All exercises will be broken down into small pieces so that you both will have a success and so you'll be able to measure your progress.

There are no guarantees in dog training. How well your dog learns and how much he improves will depend on many factors including his level of socialization, genetic predisposition, and how much time you work with your dog. However, I will set up a training plan, tailor it to you and your dog, and help you with it to meet your goals.